Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Webinar on "Revolutionizing Print Media through new form factor mobile devices"

The media companies need to take cognizance and leverage the increasing penetration of 7" to 11" tablet as a replacement for desktops/laptops, else prepare to perish. This is rightly justified with over 250+ news and media applications already available on various mobile application stores and increasing number of media companies directly leapfrogging to leverage the mobile/tablet revolution even with no prior experience of print edition including some biggies such as Virgin and News Corp.
Roughly about +50 newspapers in USA want to embrace mobile in the next 3 months. This webinar held on February 2, 2011 presented an insight into the following aspects of the publishing industry
    •    Current Trend and Challenges
    •    First Second generation mobile apps
    •    Value creation though 3rd generation mobile apps
    •    Innovation in Advertisement
    •    Positioning via mobile devices

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We would also like to thank the participants for their enormous interest. The positive feedback received from the participants confirms that the Webinar was well received.

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