Friday, September 05, 2008

Google planning to introduce App Store

Google has also started talking about their plans for Android Market, which is similar to the App store used for the iPhone. Ars Technica's coverage points out a blog post by Google's Eric Chu which notes that early handsets running Android will have a beta version of Android Market enabled. Initially, users will at least be able to find free applications there. After that, Google expects to update the market to allow users to buy and download paid content.

Though Android Market is similar in concept to Apple Inc.'s App Store, but it differs in some ways. For instance, because all iPhones run on the same software, developers don't have to create different versions for different phones. Android is open, and handset makers may decide to include different hardware capabilities or opt not to support all Android features, which has an effect on the way applications work. Perhaps there will be features for the Developers to upload different versions of their applications for different mobile handsets that might work better on different devices but we will have to wait and watch.

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