Friday, March 26, 2010

Print Media reinventing itself on iPad

iPad has a rather Dickensian position: It changes nothing and it changes everything. For content producers, everything. It promises to strengthen the fractured visual narrative – so weakened by the constraints of limited form factors – and thus the narrative will enjoy a renaissance of sorts in that now it can be integrated. For application developers, nothing. The challenges of monetization, development, promotion are exactly the same. Yet the most interesting opportunity is for the media companies - the print industry in particular.

Sports Illustrated - Tablet Demo
How Sports Illustrated is using the iPad to provide a better experience to its audience.

Bonnier R&D concept Video
Good concepts for bringing a Magazine to life on the iPad. 

New Digital Magazine experience by Adobe and Wired 
The concept of the De constructed magazine favoring scrolling down instead of flipping sideways.. In addition, they show some new possibilities for advertisers.

“The iPad evolution can take several forms. I expect it to become the publishing platform for digital content, and I expect media companies to make the fast leap onto getting paid subscriptions. I also think Apple is going after the Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook to ensure we get the next generation of ebook readers to offer paid subscription for books, newspapers. I expect it to be a consumer device before it becomes an enterprise device. I also think you will see accessories built that will help the iPad connect to the home, whether to an entertainment system, home pictures or video. Adoption in the enterprise will come as a second wave, when more applications that use the iPad instead of a netbook are seen.” − Jayaraman Raghuraman, Vice President, Endeavour

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