Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change of Identity

Recently I got into an interesting argument with one of my colleages. This was related to the sanctity of people who change their identity to meet their job requirements.

With the surge of BPO industry in India there are lot of instances where people have not only changed their accent but also their names to make themselves more comfortable with the cleints. A person who is devoting 10-12 hours in his job and is being referred by this fake identity is bound to get used to that and at some stage it will start reflecting on his behaviour. While trying to adopt to this new culture often it happens that the individual looses his identity which has been nurtured over the years.

This not only applies to the BPO sector but also to the numerous technocrats working in the IT sector who actually have a all-together different background but are now boasting of their expertise in Information Technology. How is it possible? After having studied in say civil engineering, chemical engineering etc they are now trying to adopt to the IT culture.

Needless to say I am part of this.

After having excelled in Chemical Engineering from a leading Institute in India have taken up the work in a software firm. Definitly, this when pointed out by my department professor did take some time for me to digust but then it was too late.

The question which I raise is "Is this change of identity helping our cause in the long run? If no, then what is the alternate?"

I too don't have any answers to this ...


beacon said...

Hi! I guess that changing streams is not a big deal. You none of em was born a civil or chemical engineer but you opted to study and become one and you would succeed in that field coz you put in a lot of effort, so if you can put the same effort in something else that is equally challenging and may be more rewarding, then why not?

beacon said...

n hey, its not a change of identity but just a change of role n if you can do justice to it then its absolutely fine.

Banking and Mobility said...

As long as it is just change of role then it should be fine ... still I would say it is not something which is completely acceptable

Banking and Mobility said...

It's not always possible that we get to study or work in our area of interest ... so if that is the reason for change then fine. In such cases it is more than certain that one would be successful and in the process contribute towards the society around him/her.

If not, then it is a sheer waste of resources which have gone behind training an individual.

In the past we had numerous instances of great scientists, professors coming out of premier institutes like IIT's but do we still see that happening .