Monday, November 06, 2006

Mobile Data Management

In today's economic scenario all businesses need to have an edge over its competitors in the form of time, cost and support services offered to their customers. To achieve this, the business needs to leverage the power of modern technologies such as Mobile Computing.

Mobile computing using handheld devices empowers the management by providing access to information required for decision making while on the move. It not only helps in better management of information through collection and sharing of data electronically, but also gives the companies a tool they need to:

- Eliminate Paper
- Fast and errorless data collection on the field

- Monitoring (production / sales / inventories etc) while not in office
- Eliminate end of day manual data entry
- Improved Cash Flow from fast and accurate information
- Improved Customer service

The essence of technology comes into play when the unwarranted efforts are reduced and margin of error is optimally minimized. With a multitude of paper based activities and the dependency of the top management to take corrective actions from the information thus inferred, it is imperative to digitize and mobilize the inspection document themselves, thus providing more accurate , timely and cost effective management information which is critical for the success of any organization.

Companies and governments are looking to alternatives to expensive papers based processes to collect information.

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