Monday, April 09, 2007

Doing Something more ...

I had been pondering over this idea of doing nothing for sometime but somehow it is not happening and niether does it seem to happen in the near future. Much of the time goes for making money for self and company.... Life is amazing.

It seduces you towards itself and just puts you on one of those toy horses. You feel that you are moving because the horse is moving back and forth but what you don't realize is that horse is on a static platform which is not moving. The horse knows that it can fool the human being and give it a false sense of moving as human being seldom see things beyond what they are shown by their senses and people around them.

Here is my 5 point agenda for what I should be doing more often than just working ....
1. Blog more often at
2. Spend some time thinking ... thinking not only of work but about my life as whole
3. Learn Lawn Tennis, swimming
4. Spend more and more time with my little cutie pie, Sarah
5. Meditation

Not sure if I will be able to complete all of them but I am sure journey should be interesting.

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swetha said...

doing something more is short yet sweet.Its very true that we dont find time for thinking in our life .We run around everyday for making a living in this competitve world.When nearing the end of our journey we begin to think of all the things that we missed out doing ,living and enjoying it..