Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gartner Reports ..Creating Business Value from Technology Innovation

Mobile technology is fast emerging from the gadget stage. Today, there are hundreds of real-world examples of mobile technology empowering knowledge workers and adding real value to important business processes.

But getting to real value isn't always straightforward. Mobile and wireless technologies are changing fast and notoriously averse to standardization. Users will continue experiencing technology fragmentation, interoperability issues and rapid obsolescence in the coming years. Mobile networks are evolving towards 3.5G. WiMax and WiBro are changing the face of wireless broadband. Consumerization is morphing mobile phones into a diverse range of rich multimedia entertainment devices. Mobility and convergence are transforming VoIP, IM, email and presence technologies while Web 2.0 brings a new dimension to mobility. Clearly, making decisions in such a dynamic environment is a major challenge for enterprises hoping to harness the power of new mobile and wireless solutions. The entire industry is still gripped by the titanic struggle between mobile operators, device manufacturers, content providers, media brands and traditional IT giants. They all want to control the mobile user experience without sacrificing their role in the complex mobile value chain. In such an evolving context, what strategies should enterprises adopt to be successful with mobility? How can you take advantage of the ongoing disruptive transformation and create business value out of technology innovation? As a service provider, how can you continue to grow in such a dynamic and competitive industry? Waiting for the mobile and wireless markets to sort themselves out is not an option. You need to make decisions today that will affect your organization's ability to mobilize in the future.

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