Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobilizing the enterprise is imperative for businesses

People don’t treat Smartphone's the same way they do laptops, but these devices have become every bit as powerful. As an end user they would prefer having enterprise featured phone so that they can do online credit card payment and take advantages of mobile banking. Book movie, hotel & travel tickets while they are waiting at the metro station for the next train to arrive. Monitor their health & send the reports generated by the self health assessment mobile applications for diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and chronic illnesses to their doctors.
This is the consumer facing aspect of Enterprise Mobility, while the scope of Mobility within the Enterprise is humongous. Forrester recently released data showing 78% of information workers either use or want to use smartphones for work. So from a application suite for a fortune 100 organization in the space of surgical equipment development. Through the app a sales person will be able to access any information when making a sale and a customer visit in an online as well as offline mode. App provides critical information such as Marketing Content, Clinical content, Product Specs, Tools & Apps. This solutions help businesses automate tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions thereby enabling organizations manage customer relationships better.
Understanding the impact of mobile technology on enterprises is compelling several forward-looking companies to internally start deploying mobility technology solutions into their systems across verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education Insurance, Banking and Financial Services.
A famous retail chain in US envisioned delivering a personalized, convenient shopping experience and at the same time reducing administrative cost and increasing employee effectiveness. So they built an Enterprise application system for their store employees. The solution enables store employees to assist customers by giving product demos, enhancing their shopping experience & increasing the sales. Field Force Automation solution in Enterprise mobility has improved a field worker’s productivity by automating the collection and validation of field data and enhancing customer service. The sales representatives are mobile empowered to access CRM system to document sales call details, process customer contact information and verify distribution of product samples, all in real time.
Endeavour mobile enabled the EMR- EHR-Practice Management Software. The application developed for one of the client helps the physician, Nurses or Physician’s aid to view the patient details, past visit records, health summary and also would help to manage medication refills and orders.  App is so strong enough that it can assist in Managing Patient Schedules, Demographics and Maintain Patient Health Summary & Visit Notes. The app gives quick access to Lab Results, refill requests, facilitate internal Messaging, complete Audit trails & generates the needed reports and Dashboards.
Clarity PPM Smartphone Application is one such app which implements the Timesheet module of the Clarity PPM’s enterprise project and portfolio management solution on the mobile devices. The solution simplifies workflow and enhances the productivity by bringing the concomitant benefits of location independence. The mobility solution helps user to access the timesheet module on the mobile device and to use the functionalities such as update, save and submit for approval. This mobility solution enables the top management and the users to save time in filling the timesheet and approving the same even while they are on the move.

Leading Business Analytics Software and Service Provider's have a challenge of getting access to uninterrupted business information & statistics to keep business goals updated. Endeavour’s Mobile Dashboard Application solution provides them with dashboards which help in knowing the pulse of the organization’s performance. Dashboards are created and maintained through an easy-to-use Web-based interface. All content is displayed in a role-based, secure, customizable, and extensible environment. The mobile client available on Blackberry & Windows Mobile has unique features such as app cache management, auto update and remote wipe off, search, alerts, support to multiple languages & access anytime any where capabilities.
The Inventory & Aviation industry is also heavily influenced by mobile technology. iPhone application Mobile Inventory Management  helps traders to monitor customer demands and can United Airlines pilots carry iPads which have replaced hefty flight manuals and chart books. With iPad, they are able to quickly and efficiently access reference material without having to thumb through thousands of sheets of paper and reduce clutter on the flight deck.
mazing invention of Virtual smartphone Platform which moves smartphone data to the enterprise Cloud by creating a clone of all of the data and applications on the phone. The platform gives IT and end users real-time intelligence and control over smartphone content, activity and applications. Read more about this and many such innovations happening in Mobile cloud computing space in our next blog post.
 Endeavour is a specialist Mobility Company, providing strategic consulting and product development for Mobile enabling businesses in the Manufacturing, Media, Print, Healthcare, Consumer solutions, Telecom and Business Intelligence verticals. Endeavour has a strong mobile application development team on all mobile platforms in the market today, including, RIM, Apple, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre, micro Linux, Brew. Endeavour is based out of Austin, Texas, Bangalore India and London, UK. 

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